Since i started enjoying cycling back in 1992 i always loved Colnago bikes. They are simply the best bikes ever. After many years i was fortunate enough to transform my passion for Colnago bikes into a business. NNK Racing is a specialist independent shop that deals only with Colnago and Cipollini frames, Campagnolo and 3T.Nothing else.

We are the official distributors for Colnago and Cipollini in Greece.

Colnago bikes represent passion, technology and success.

Buying any new bike should be a unique event.

Getting a Colnago and or a Cipollini frame is and should be an unparalleled experience.

Our love and knowledge of Colnago and Cipollini is second to none.Our attention to detail is paramount.

Why choose us for your next Colnago or Cipollini?

  • The best customer support in the business.

Contact us today via email,phone or live chat and it will be our pleasure to discuss anything regarding Colnago,Cipollini or road bikes in general.

  • Price match warranty.

It is simple.If you find a better deal for your new Colnago,Cipollini,Campagnolo or 3T Cycling parts we will happily refund the difference.No questions asked

  • After sale support

Enjoying a bike is always a feeling that last long.

Sometimes minor accidents(like rear mech hanger damage) happen and we understand that you will need to restore your bike to its glory asap.

We will ship the part required for free so you continue enjoying your bike without worries.

  • Crash Replacement Program

If you damage your precious frame we will offer a huge discount to our already low prices as part of our crash replacement program.

All photos belong to Colnago Ernesto & CSrl.