Colnago KZERO

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Bicycle efficiency can be separated into two key areas. How well the bicycle converts the power from the rider to power at the rear wheel to drive it forwards – and how well the bicycle resists being slowed down by the air it passes through as it moves. These two things are the decisive factors when it comes to efficiency. All of our bicycles are exceptionally good at turning rider power into rear wheel power, and so the main area in which Colnago could make improvements to efficiency on a new Time Trial machine was how well it resisted the drag effects of moving through air. In its most simple terms, aerodynamic drag is proportional to the square of the speed – in other words if you ride along at 20kph, and then increase your speed to 40kph you will experience four time as much drag. So having a bicycle that has a low amount of drag to begin with gives greater benefits the faster you ride. But there is a balance to be had with reducing drag on a bicycle. We could go too far and make a bicycle that no longer rides like a good bike should. And that is what we have been very careful of with the creation of the K.Zero. It rides likes a Colnago bicycle should, offering compromise performance whilst delivering increased aerodynamic performance.




SIZE P O Sc° A C Hs stack reach
XS 449 509 77 576 384 78 507 393
S 508 520 77 594 384 85 513 402
M 528 528 77 597 384 105 533 407
L 548 551 77 621 384 123 554 424

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